Re: Growing cyps in Hawaii

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 31 August, 2004 um 21:01:17

Antwort auf: Re: Growing cyps in Hawaii von Wilford Neptune am 31 August, 2004 um 17:36:37:

Hi Wilford,

As much as I love Cyps, I feel they are a lot of trouble and work for a very short bloom time and I was just pointing that out. Additionally, he can only grow them in pot culture and needs to refrigerate them, more work.

I just recently started growing Phrags (I hear that the larger suppliers/growers are in Hawaii) and was amazed when my plant (Longueville) bloomed from January 2nd to August 28th! I certainly wish Cyps could do that.

As far a flower life, it really varies with the weather, but 5 - 12 days seems the norm, so I retract my 4 - 7 statement.




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