Re: Growing cyps in Hawaii

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Abgeschickt von Wilford Neptune am 31 August, 2004 um 17:36:37

Antwort auf: Re: Growing cyps in Hawaii von Paul Perakos am 31 August, 2004 um 16:06:16:

Paul - knowing how well you do, and with so many, both outside in the garden and in pots, I'm surprised at your comments, and in particular about Cyps only lasting 4-7 days. Mine certainly do better than this, but even so are you only advising people to grow plants that last much longer. What about Stanhopeas - 3-4 days?

I grow 155 genera, and part of the pleasure in this hobby is growing and flowering many different kinds. I believe your advice to use pot culture and a refrigerator for dormancy was right on, and he should be encouraged to try.


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