Macranthos - red spectrum stability

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 26 Mai, 2000 um 19:03:19

Hi group;

Has anyone conducted a study on the color stability of red (pink, purple, rose, etc) in the macranthos alliance? I have noted in particular, that light pink plants will, over ensuing years of bloom, gradually become darker and darker. So, say in 7 years, a light pink plant becomes a dark rose one. It is not a phenomena attributed to warmer or cooler springs and seems to be a unidirectional movement only (they do not revert or ever become lighter). This does not seem to effect plants I suspect of hybrid origin. So, I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if so if they have noted if it is a function of pH or some other factor? Here, I grow in acidic soils and muse whether absence of calcium in measurable amounts may be the reason. Thoughts?