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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 31 August, 2004 um 13:27:31

Antwort auf: Re: culture in a pot von Uta von Rad am 31 August, 2004 um 10:18:04:

Hello Nico,

Overwintering in pots outside in the garden (if a garden is available) is no problem: just plunge the pots, i.e. bury them in the soil up to their rim. With this there is no difference to plants directly growing in beds. I have plunged pots for many years when I grew Cyps during my time at the University. Students change their living place more often, so did I, and growing Cyps in beds just to lift them for every moving was not in question. I had them all in pots. Cyp. formosanum did well in pots for years. They don't mind to be divided every few years when they outgrow the old pot, which should be as wide as possible. However I never tried to overwinter them outside, the springs are not good for this early growing plants. Late frosts kill at least the flower buds regularly. Cyp. formosanum and other Chinese cyps (tibeticum, flavum) were placed in a slightly frost-free basement. They can stand frost but not the constant up and down of German winters or those of other areas with mild oceanic climates. Some years they might do well, but there is always the odd winter that straight away will kill them.

Good luck



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