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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 31 August, 2004 um 10:18:04

Antwort auf: Re: culture in a pot von Niko Löffelhardt am 30 August, 2004 um 14:23:38:

Hi Niko,

Well, it depends. An additional fridge is probably the best possibility, but if you have a garden you could also try a coldframe outside. Cover it with a polystyrene plate and not with glass, then the temperatures aren't so erratic. While the Cyps are dormant they don't need the light. If you choose the coldframe, I would place the pots inside and wait until the first frost is there and only then cover it. The polystyrene plate will help keep the cold inside.

What Wilford writes is true of course: formosanum is an easy plant and can be grown in a pot. I just don't like to do that as this species increases well and fast and can form beautiful big colonies outside, which is just not possible in a pot as there is to little space. If you want to grow it in a pot it has to be divided often.

Good luck



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