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Abgeschickt von Wilford Neptune am 30 August, 2004 um 22:34:25

Antwort auf: culture in a pot von Niko Löffelhardt am 29 August, 2004 um 09:52:46:

I have been growing 11 different Cyps in pot culture for the past 10 years. I have received 7 different AOS awards, which includes one CCM/AOS and one flower quality award, an AM/AOS. I have used a coldframe for the cold dormancy period, but find the temps too erratic in the spring. I now use a dedicated refrigerator, at 35-40F for a minimum of 10-12 weeks, but usually the period will be longer. The only one I have had trouble with is Cyp macranthos, and why I can not explain.

Cyp formosanum has been grown in pots for over 100 years in China, Japan, Germany and England, and is probably the easiest to grow - certainly I would advise one to start with this, first. The North American Cyps, however, do just about as well, kentuckiense, reginae, parviflorum var. pubescens and parviflorum var. parviflorum. Although I grow acaule, this is the most difficult, and one needs considerable experience before trying this one.


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