Re: Cyp.reginae hybrids often look like pure reginae

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Abgeschickt von Werner Frosch am 21 August, 2004 um 19:09:01

Antwort auf: Re: Two new Cypripedium hybrids von G. Raschun jun. am 11 August, 2004 um 13:42:33:

Mr. Raschun is not the first breeder with such a result. Erich Maier made the cross reginae x macranthos and this hybrid looked not different to reginae. Also at me the hybrid reginae x kentuckiense flowered like reginae. However in the seedling stage these hybrids differ markedly from reginae seedlings at the same age. These three examples make one wonder about the reasons.

Of course I cannot exclude that an insect was more successful in pollinating the flower than me. However this would have been the first failure with my Cypripedium crosses. This problem should be tackled systematically. I think there are several possible explanations for this phenomenon.

Werner Frosch


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