Re: more photos of Cyp. reginae x acaule

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 19 August, 2004 um 13:47:55

Antwort auf: Re: more photos of Cyp. reginae x acaule von Gerhard Raschun am 16 August, 2004 um 21:49:37:

Dear Mr. Raschun,

Thank you for providing us with additional photos of the new hybrid. These show clearly that it is not Cyp. flavum. It is no pure reginae as well, so there has been some exchange of genes between reginae and acaule although the acaule-heritage is nearly invisible. You mentioned that you had made the cross three times. It will be interesting to see how the other reginae x acaules will look like.


Holger Pener


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