New Cypripedium species?

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Abgeschickt von Gerhard Raschun am 16 August, 2004 um 21:50:25

Four years ago I received a plant from a German friend, labeled as Cypr. franchetii. Since the planting of the plant outside it has doubled the number of shoots every year. Last year it has bloomed for the first time and I thought that this is a good colouration for Cyp. tibeticum.

But due to some characteristics I have changed my opinion. It is a small plant, max. 15cm tall, with thin leaves (similar to Cyp. yunnanense) and it multiplies easily. The flower is remarkably big! After sowing the seeds a good germination appeared. The seedling reach a fantastic size with a strong root system and a lot of shoots.

My first thought was that this plant belongs to the form Cypr. hotei-atsumorianum. But I have never seen this kind of seedlings. Cyp. macranthos, tibeticum and hotei-atsumorianum show an different type of growth.

I have found this plants also in collection of friends:



Mayby a new species ?

Best wishes



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