Re: Two new Cypripedium hybrids

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 13 August, 2004 um 07:41:17

Antwort auf: Re: Two new Cypripedium hybrids von G. Raschun jun. am 11 August, 2004 um 13:42:33:

Dear Mr. Raschun,

Thank you for the interesting and detailed reply to my suggestion, that the photo shows a plant that looks like a Cyp. flavum to me. Your remarks on the hybridization with Cyp. reginae are enlightening indeed! I would very much like to see further material of the hybrid. I still can't believe that this plant could be an offspring of the cross reginae x acaule. That disbelieve doesn't mean that I don't trust your statement. That you didn't got me wrong at this point was proven by your kind and detailed reply. Thanks again.

Perhaps when pollinating reginae with other species (except flavum and lichiangense for which we have evidence of real cross-over of genes) there happens no or nearly no transfer of genetic material to the egg cell although it is triggered to produce an embryo. That the result in the case with acaule pollen looks so much like flavum (at least to me, I have seen enormous variability in that species all over Sichuan and Yunnan) is astonishing! I have attached a photo of a very pale and small-flowered form of Cyp. flavum (true species, no hybrid!) pushed towards a big-flowered and nearly withered flavum. The photo was taken in the Huanglong nursery at the end of the flowering period. Except for the different leaves (in your hybrid they are very broad - which might be induced by growing conditions) the flowers are not unlike your hybrid.


Holger Perner



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