Re: Two new Cypripedium hybrids

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 07 August, 2004 um 04:27:54

Antwort auf: Two new Cypripedium hybrids von Gerhard Raschun am 02 August, 2004 um 23:44:47:

Dear Mr. Raschun,

Is there a possibilty to show us some more photos of the hybrid reginae x acaule? The plant labeled as such in your posting looks to me 100 % like Cyp. flavum. From the photo there is nothing that reminds me of reginae or acaule and it also does not look, as some other Cyp enthusiasts suggest, like 'Ulla Silkens' to me. On the other hand there has been only one other hybrid with acaule, Cyp. 'Promises' (formosanum x acaule), so we don't have much experience with acaule hybrids. However, I am surprised that the result of reginae x acaule looks in every detail like flavum. Perhaps just the wrong photo?


Holger Perner


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