Re: an ID on unlabeled Cyp. ?

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Abgeschickt von Giulio Farinelli am 24 Mai, 2000 um 13:21:53

Antwort auf: Re: an ID on unlabeled Cyp. ? von Hideka am 21 Mai, 2000 um 04:42:53:

Thanks to all for your replies.
I'm now quite sure that this plant is the ventricosum barberyii form.
When I have repotted it did not show a rhizom, but a cutted plate from which start a generous tangle of roots (and two growths).
I'm go back to the local vendor (absolutely not specialized in orchids) asking for the japanese nursey. He say me that have a japanese friend that make translation end send here some printed colour catalogs.
These catalogs (many sheets) show a lot of plants, not only orchids, with some other oriental Cyps ... but the name of all (and of the nursery) is in kanji(?). I see macranthum, formosanum and others, but only identified with a catalog number.
Now ... the local vendor trash the Cites certificates a few days after he sell all imported plants :-( and say me that never do some import for orchids in future. A (bad he say) experiment.
He remember some names but not ventricosum (but is possible ...).
(by the way ... i buy a formosanum labeled segawai and a segawai labeled formosanum)
This is all ...
(uhm, sorry, for my bad english, i hope that you understand what i write)

best regards

Giulio Farinelli