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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 12 Juli, 2004 um 16:49:36

Antwort auf: Some more informations von Ruediger Kohlmueller am 29 Juni, 2004 um 07:32:13:

Sorry for my late answer, I have been abroad for two weeks.

Last year Peter was official guest of the Huanglong Nature Reserve, which comprises about 700 square kilometers of protected area, and therefore he knows well what he was writing about! The site of Cyp. micranthum lies in the reserve, not outside. I urgently ask all members of the two groups that were at the site not to disclose any information (neither to friends nor in publications of any form) of the where-abouts of Cyp. micranthum that are more detailed than saying it was found in Huanglong Nature Reserve. China's nature is not a self-service shop for 'spade-botanists' or 'hobby-herbarium keepers'. We should all try to keep it like that.

Holger Perner


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