Re: C.acaule in bogs

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 23 Mai, 2000 um 11:42:46

Antwort auf: C.acaule in bogs von Don Lingrell am 23 Mai, 2000 um 11:35:03:

I think that dry culture in nearly pure silica sand with a mulch layer of pine needles and watering with acid rain water would be the better way. But some specimen of C. acaule grow in sphagnum bogs, that's true. So your way may be worth a try. Adding some natural soil from acaule sites could be helpful as C.acaule seems to be very sensitive in culture without an intact mycorrhiza. Starting your trials with acaule seedlings is more promising than with adult plants (most of the adult plants die quite soon). I understand that Scott Durkee in America is sucessfull in propagating C.acaule from seed. Click the link below for his homepage.