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Abgeschickt von Ruediger Kohlmueller am 29 Juni, 2004 um 07:32:13

Antwort auf: What's up in Huanglong? Part 5 von Holger Perner am 26 Juni, 2004 um 06:51:31:


When we discovered this first known growing place of Cypripedium micranthum in Sichuan the week before you had the opportunity to see it, there was more than one colony of plants on the slope. The pictures you show are from the first colony from which you got our description. But there is still a larger colony existing. Furthermore some single plants could be found between the Cyp. sichuanense. By the way, in this area some Neottinanthe could also be found but of course they were not flowering.

As far as I know the site is not inside the limits of the Huanglong nature reserve. Is there any possibility to protect it?


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