C.acaule in bogs

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Abgeschickt von Don Lingrell am 23 Mai, 2000 um 11:35:03

I am building 2 sphagnum bogs in central Virginia, USA I plan to use 3 parts silica sand and 1 part sphagnum peat moss topped by live sphagnum for soil. There will be a stream circulating through the middle flowing into my pond. I will adjust the water pH to 4.0 with vinegar. I understand that Cyp. acaule sometimes grows in sphagnum bogs but I have never observed it anywhere but dry acid woods under oaks or pines. Do you think I can grow Cyp. acaule under these conditions? It grows in the woods near where I am obtaining sphagnum so I could get some soil from near the plants which might contain mycorrhiza.