Controversy over wild collected plants

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 17 Juni, 2004 um 06:51:40:

Antwort auf: Photos of extraordinary plants (16): Cyp. forresti von Michael Weinert am 10 Juni, 2004 um 07:08:06:

Hi Michael,

I agree with you on your comments of the forrestii pictured in the forum, however, it is also only through the acquisition of such plants (even if illegal) that the skilled growers are afforded a chance to grow the seed. Relying on Holger or others to collect such seed in the wild in China is a hit and miss proposition at best and more likely a no chance proposition. It is a conundrum for certain, but such a plant in the right hands is possibly the future of such a species rather than contributing to its ultimate extinction. Some purists slander anyone who would acquire a wild collected plant, but at some point in the history of the rarest species seed which is grown in sterile conditions, it came from such a plant, and is why the genus has an outside chance of surviving. The rank and file in the gardening world should certainly be dissuaded from buying wild collected, and your forum show-cases this position, and western nurseries which deal in wholesale quantities should be levied huge fines if not prison sentences for subscribing to this huge illicit trade (It is akin to white slavery IMHO) but, and this is the big but, I see a need for the extremely rare species like forrestii to find appropriate (scientific/botanical) refuges in the west, particularly after they have already been collected in the east. It is a tight-wire act to be sure and one that has great controversy associated with it. However, as with the Yin/Yang symbol, there is a need for a bit of white in the black and a bit of black in the white for everything to remain in a balanced whole.




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