Cyp. kentuckiense raised from seed

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 15 Juni, 2004 um 16:32:24

Last season I flowered three micropropagated seedlings of C. kentuckiense which was my first success with this species. Seeds were kindly sent from cultivated plants in USA by an orchid contact in 1997 and with some difficulty I persuaded some to germinate. This year the plants were bigger and stronger and several of their class mates also flowered together seedlings donated to friends. One plant in particular has an amazing flower - see photo.

The plants are cultivated in a large polystyrene fish box sunk into the earth under a fruit tree, in quite a shady situation but receive some late afternoon sun. They grow in a mixture of perlite, silica sand and composted wood receiving an occasional feed. In very dry weather I water them but they receive no winter protection except for a wire cage to keep off animals and birds.

Getting them to flower has been a satisfying experience and I look forward to now being able to produce some third generation cultivated seedlings from the flowers I just pollinated.

Peter Corkhill


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