Re: an ID on unlabeled Cyp. ?

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Abgeschickt von Hideka Kobayashi am 21 Mai, 2000 um 04:42:53

Antwort auf: an ID on unlabeled Cyp. ? von Giulio Farinelli am 09 Mai, 2000 um 14:54:54:

Hi, Giulio. I think this plantwas originally imported from Japan. One time (still now), there were bunch of unidentified cyps exported from China to Japan. I have seen a pic of flower that was very similar to this. In addition to plants that have been already described, there were many intermndiate forms in the plants imported from China.

There are some labs that do hybridization of Cyps in Japan, but their plants are very expensive from what I heard. I do not rule out the possibility, but I strongly suspect the Chinese origin of this plant.