Re: Variation of Cyp. parviflorum raised from seed

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Abgeschickt von Gerhard Raschun jun. am 10 Juni, 2004 um 14:54:48

Antwort auf: Re: Variation of Cyp. parviflorum raised from seed von Camiel F. de Jong am 03 Juni, 2004 um 23:03:51:

Dear Camiel,

Sorry for my late reply!

I have spoken about Cyp. parviflorum var. parviflorum. It's one of my favourite species, because it's one of the easiest species and seedlings flower the first time 2  or 3 years after potting.

There are a lot of plants of different sources, mostly of other German growers, but I haven't obtained variations in colour, size or shape at any time. This is the first time for me to see a variation of Cyp. parviflorum var. parviflorum!

I agree with all other growers that there are a lot of clones with Cypr. pubescens. Years ago I have heard about clones from the south of the distribution, which reach size of blooming Cypr. kentuckiense. Mayby participants of this area could give more informations?

Best wishes 



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