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Abgeschickt von Carson E. Whitlow am 18 Mai, 2000 um 16:20:53

Antwort auf: cypripedium flowering succession von Carl Hardwick am 13 Maerz, 2000 um 21:40:27:

The following is the listing of flowering succession which started in late April here in Iowa.
Cyp. Gisela
next (one week) Cyp. parviflorum
followed by (one week) by Cyp. pubescens, Cyp. guttatum
next is (2 days) Cyp. yatabeanum, Cyp. candidum
next (one week) Cyp. kentuckiense
last (one week) Cyp. reginae (just now coming into full bloom)
These are rough estimaions but since I did not keep track of the specific days. These are early this year due to our warm weather an early spring.
All are grown outdoors under shade cloth, except Cyp. guttatum and Cyp. yatabeanum which ar grown in a slightly different area.