Photos of extraordinary plants (16): Cyp. forrestii

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 10 Juni, 2004 um 07:08:06

Here two photos of Cyp. forrestii from a fellow grower. This is its first year in culture and we can only hope that this rare and sensitive jewel survives. As with all of these plants the chances are not high because they originate from the wild and are accordingly weakened. Pathogens have a more than 50% chance to kill the plant.

The best thing one can do is to pollinate the flower and give the seed to one of the experienced propagators (e.g. those listed in one of my postings). The seedlings of such delicate species are much easier in cultivation and mostly bloom earlier than the mother plant. Even if the mother plant survives its first critical year in cultivation, it will nonetheless be set back to the stage of a few years old seedling and normally such plants do not flower again for several years. The further development of the adult plant mostly is much slower than the progress of its seedlings. Therefore one should prefer seedlings to adult plants, at least with delicate species.



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