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Abgeschickt von Hideka Kobayashi am 18 Mai, 2000 um 07:55:03

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium - virus symptoms (another photo) von Alastair Robinson am 01 Mai, 2000 um 11:32:54:

Hi, all.

: The result of infecting them with a mild, virtually symptomless virus is that superinfection by the virulent strain is often successfully thwarted.

This is called 'cross protction.' The problem with this method is, even if the symptom is less (sometimes much less) sever than ones caused more virulent strains, it still negetively affects plants, sometimes up to 20% or more in yield and/or growth. Moreover, a strain that is mild to a clone is not necessarily mild to other clones. It is best to pitch orchids with any type of virus.