Hybrid Cyps Escaping!

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 15 Mai, 2004 um 18:18:56

Antwort auf: Using Native Cyps. von Carmen Bruntin am 15 Mai, 2004 um 12:21:10:


I have had Pubescens and parvi's growing at my home for almost 35 years. In that time, despite scattering seeds, not one seedling has ever grown in my woods or gardens. Meanwhile in the state of Connecticut, where I live, the natural population of pubescens and parviflorum is dwindling every year due to deer and encroaching housing developments. I also hear that reginae and Ram's head are now considered extinct in Connecticut.

Four years ago, I got my first hybrids. Not one has ever produced a seed pod. I would also dare say that if I start scattering 'Gisela' and 'Aki' seeds, I will not have any better luck than with the native Cyps. Does anyone even know if hybrids can grow from their own seeds? Could they be like mules?

Cypripediums in all their forms are not like helleborines which reproduce like rats. These hybrids will never get out and 'contaminate' nature. There are far too few plants for this to happen and far too difficult growers.

And on a positive note, as I said my Cyps have never produced a seedling and gone to waste for 30+ years but now I send my seed pods to good people around the world who have germinated my plants and will grown them and allow these natural species to avoid extinction. We should be celebrating these technology to propagate Cyps and the ability to hybridize, not condemning it.



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