C. x wenqingiae - description and photo

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 17 Mai, 2000 um 05:58:20

Darcy asked me for some information about C. x wenqingiae. Here is a part of the article and the photos of the original description by Holger Perner in the German orchid journal "Die Orchidee" 1998, vol.49(5), pp.201-203:

"... Summary: In Wenchuan prefecture in north-central Sichuan a new taxon of Cypripedium was found in mixed populations of Cyp. farreri and tibeticum, growing in limestone mountains. The new plant is intermediate in floral and veg etative characters between the postulated parents Cyp. farreri and tibeticum and is therefore described here as their natural hybrid, Cyp. x wenqingiae. It is named after the author's wife. Only her personal efforts and dedication made the discovery of this taxon and several new facts about other indigenous orchids possible during three recent expeditions to south-western China.

This hybrid is found at an altitude of about 3300 m between shrubs and rocks near running water in mesic and well drained soil. The substrate is covered by sparse grass and moss and consists of an approx. 5 cm deep layer of fibrous humus in which the rhizome is buried. The roots mainly run in the crumbly mineral soil under this layer. ..." (The rest of the article is in German)