Re: Choose native orchids

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 15 Mai, 2004 um 07:44:08

Antwort auf: Choose native orchids von Carmen Bruntin am 14 Mai, 2004 um 21:49:45:

Dear Carmen,

In addition to Anthony I would like to stress the point that most native orchids on the market originate from the wild and not from artificial propagation as it often is claimed. They are very sensitive and difficult in culture. Therefore the use of native orchids in the garden contributes to their extinction in the wild. In that respect hybrids save wild populations.

And I can reassure you: I have never heard of spontaneous seedlings from Cypripedium hybrids in the garden. So the problem seems to be more theoretical than realistic. Isn't that good news for you?

Kind regards



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