Re: help with bacterial contaminations

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Abgeschickt von Greg Warner am 15 Mai, 2004 um 03:37:45:

Antwort auf: help with bacterial contaminations von Uta von Rad am 26 April, 2004 um 16:35:33:

Hello. I have experience with lab/microbiology. I have not tried antibiotics to solve 'plant' problems but the following might be of assistance. First, you need to know if you are dealing with gram(+) or gram(-) bacteria. Also, are you sure the problem is bacterial? Could it be fungi or yeast?

Nystatin = fungi & yeast 40*
Ampicillin/ = gram(+) & gram(-) bacilli 100*
Penicillin G = gram(+) bacilli 100*
Gentamicin = gram(-) bacilli 80*

* refers to the toxicity to plant tissue μg/ml

All are water soluble.

The toxicity is only a guideline and varies between different plant species. Hope this helps. Please remember these numbers are only a guide line but should get you of to a start. 

Best of luck



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