Cyp. kentuckiense AM/AOS

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Abgeschickt von Wilford Neptune am 14 Mai, 2004 um 06:22:58

Antwort auf: Growing 'Aki' von Paul Perakos am 13 Mai, 2004 um 21:27:44:

This is a picture of one of my kentuckiense. About 90% are the pale ivory color, but the other 10% are a bright yellow color. This is one I grow in pot culture, and received an AM/AOS. There were two stems with flowers but this one had double flowers.

I find kentuckiense about the same in culture as pubescens and parviflorum, for pot culture. I really can not say anything about growing this in the garden, but, I would not give up on trying because it is a beautiful flower.

Wilford Neptune



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