Growing 'Aki'

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 13 Mai, 2004 um 21:27:44

Antwort auf: Re: Growing 'Aki' von Fulton Powell am 13 Mai, 2004 um 05:50:24:

Hi Fulton,

Don't worry about the shade. My 'Aki light' and my other Cyps grow under a maple tree. The best thing is the fact the leaves fill out just in time for blooming otherwise the plants would wilt and the blooms scorch. I am sure your 'Aki' will bloom next year, mine did not bloom its first year. It is noticeably larger than the 'Aki's I bought this past fall.

Also, I would recommend you buy 'Philipp' rather than kentuckiense. First of all, 'Philipp' is a prettier flower, secondly they want $100+ for a kentuckiense, third, 'Philipp' is much easier to grow. Mine is a week away from blooming and is as easy as 'Gisela' and 'Aki' to raise. The 2 kentuckiense I bought for a small fortune rotted on me and when it did bloom it was rather unattractive.

I hope Michael and Werner offer a yellow kentuckiense hybrid (like 'Rascal') soon!

Best wishes,



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