Growing 'Aki light'

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 13 Mai, 2004 um 05:27:00

In the Fall of 2002, I planted my first 'Aki light' which made its first blossom this year. I have to say that I am surprised with the size of the flower. The flower is as big as the largest flowers I have ever seen on my pubescens. I have attached a photo of my 'Aki light' with 'Ingrid' next to it so you can see just how large the flowers are (my 'Ingrid' blooms about the size of Cyp. parviflorum this year).

More important than the flower size is how strong a grower 'Aki light' is. Last year was a very wet and hot summer and we also had a bad winter and 'Aki light' did better than my native Cyps. I find it extremely easy to grow and I dare say may be easier than 'Gisela'.

Of note, the blossom of 'Aki light' looks best after 48 hours have passed. It opened with a green yellow base that turned to almost white after 48 hours and the flower looks stunning in the garden.

I love this hybrid and am glad I got two more last fall!




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