Re: help with bacterial contaminations

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Abgeschickt von Phil Kauth am 27 April, 2004 um 18:24:26

Antwort auf: help with bacterial contaminations von Uta von Rad am 26 April, 2004 um 16:35:33:

Hi Uta:

I haven't had any experience with antibiotics and Cyps. And as far as bacterial contamination and not wanting to kill the seedling-best thing to do is try to cut away the contaminated parts of the seedling or try to excise the apical meristem. Usually no contamination exists in the apical meristem.

There is a product called Plant Preservative Mixture that is a broad-spectrum biocide. I personally haven't used it but my major professor has and he hasn't had any positive results. Others who have used it say it works great. PPM is mixed right in with the culture medium.

Here is the website with all the info you need

Good Luck,


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