Re: late growth of C. henryi

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 24 April, 2004 um 01:18:08:

Antwort auf: Re: late growth of C. henryi von Michael Weinert am 21 April, 2004 um 22:50:23:

This is late reply (a University educated time warp hippie) but I do not visit here as much as I did of old. I had a C. henryi exactly as you describe. It just took a year off and slept underground and then came up a year later. I beame worried and examined it carefully ...and found it looked good and healthy. It had just decided to stay dormant for a year ...a vacation if you will... and then came up the year after. Similarly, other Cyps have died back, and then have come up again almost as juveniles, and very set back... only to increase over time. The end analysis is that plants which seem 10 years old, may be like Bristlecone pines, and have survived many dormant (as with C. henryi) or regressive periods, only to again reach a zenith, receed and reach a zenith again. How ancient the survival mechanisms are with this genus and how old some plants actually are in the wild, is probably mind boggeling.


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