Re: Cypripedium subtropicum

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 23 April, 2004 um 23:50:50:

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium subtropicum von Tom Velardi am 29 Februar, 2004 um 11:24:28:

Cyp. subtropicum is a recluse in the Tibetian prohibited (military) area. Only indeginous people are reportedly allowed access there and then it is with some scruitiny. So, this particular species along with C. ludlowii (a companion of the area) are likely to remain unavailed to the west or loterature for some time. Given subtropicum's previously reported character, it is likely to have been related to californicum or irapeanum in the dim geological past. BTW Cash's book which preceeded Cribb's book, is more inaccurate (she acknowledged work needed to be done in the genus at the time of release) and one should purchase then newer Cribb monograph first. Cash, for example, inaccurately reports fasciolatum as the largest red flowering Chinese plant, and sometimes lists archaic names which Cribb has consolidated into one correct botanical species name. And, I am certain Phillip (Cribb) is busy rewritting the next edition of his current monograph, to accurately reflect name changes, the leading edge changes in current alliances, and the new species which have subsequently been identified since the release of the first edition.


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