late growth of C. henryi

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Abgeschickt von Trevor Dines am 21 April, 2004 um 10:56:51

I have a plant of C. henryi that grew well, flowered and produced a large bud last year. It has overwintered in its pot in the unheated greenhouse with all my other Cypripediums (35 species and hybrids). All the others have now started growth - indeed most are well advanced and some are showing flower buds. But the bud of C. henryi (under its gravel mulch) shows no sign of moving - it's not swelling or changing shape at all. Neither is showing any sign of browing or rotting. Are some species (like henryi) just very late in starting? Or has it not had a proper period of vernalisation to stimulate growth (unlikely seeing that all the others have). Has anyone had a similar experience with this species? 



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