Re: Concentration/Time factor for bleaching

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 20 April, 2004 um 11:24:56

Antwort auf: Concentration/Time factor for bleaching von Jim Rowley am 19 April, 2004 um 21:55:23:

Hi Jim,

The concentration/time is not really linear but you don't have to calculate too much: In my experience you should use the given times only as a starting point for what to expect. Start bleaching the seed and check the colour of the embryo: most embryos are dark brown to black when ripe. Bleaching lightens the colour and when it has turned to a creamy white (not completley white!!! that will mean dead embryos!!) then you stop and rinse with sterile water immediatley. If you check for the colour you get a much more reliable bleaching than if you just look at a clock ;-). And I don't advise any more concentrated bleach than 10% Chlorox. If you have decided to try parviflorum and pubescens you have a much greater chance of sucess. Cyp. parviflorum germinates well from ripe seed and pubescens is also OK. If you want to have really good germination also order a portion of reginae. That is the easiest ;-) And see that the seed you get is a fresh as possible. Cyp seed stores OK if it is kept cool and dry, but after 3 years germination rate goes down considerably.




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