Re: Cyp. calceolus flasking media and chlorine treat

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 19 April, 2004 um 10:01:34

Antwort auf: Cyp. calceolus flasking media and chlorine treat von Jim Rowley am 17 April, 2004 um 02:06:47:

Hi Jim;

I can't answer all of your question but I can tell you a few things:

>>I am new to this forum and will be attempting flasking Cyp. calceolus for my first cyp. flask.
Truley... I don't advice you to start on Cyps with calceolus... It is rather difficult from ripe seed. But if you want to use green capsules it works fine (here harvest is about 6 weeks after pollination). If you want to use ripe seed I would go for reginae or flavum instead.

>>I've flasked several of the usual epiphytic orchids and I'm expanding my horizons. I was going to use Western Labs W2.5 media, but decided to optimize my efforts and order specialized (Bills?) media from Phytotechnology. For this particular Cyp., would T839, T842 or T849 be the better choice?
Living in Europe I haven't used the media you describe. The only medium from Phytesia that I personally know is P668. I have sucessfully used it for reginae and parviflorum and half strength for tibeticum and macranthos.

>>Also, I thought I'd bracket a target time for Sodium Hypochlorite solution soak.
Can't help you for calceolus... it is so much easier from green capsules...

>>Should I go with a 5% Clorox solution? Stronger? Weaker?
I think 10% Chlorox is usually used. I myself use 0.5% NaOCl or weaker. If you use 5% Chlorox you might even get better results, but the bleaching time will be prolonged.

>>Is there any advantage to acidifying it or is this only an advantage for sterilization techniques.
You can treat the seed with 4% H2SO4 for about 5 minutes before you bleach. It is said that this helps for calceolus. Exchange the bleach solution once after this treatment because the low pH of H2SO4 will lower the pH of the bleaching solution and it won't work well with a lowered pH.

>>What about adding potato chunks for this particular species?
Potatoe cubes are fine. You can use them.

>>What pH ought I adjust the media?
pH 5.8-6

>>I currently use unsweetened pineapple juice to lower pH. Is there any detriment using pineapple with Cyps?
I use pinapple juice in Cypripedium media. It works well. But if you buy P668 you usually do not have to lower the pH.

Good luck!!!



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