Cyp. calceolus flasking media and chlorine treat

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Abgeschickt von Jim Rowley am 17 April, 2004 um 02:06:47

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and will be attempting flasking Cyp. calceolus for my first Cyp flask. I've flasked several of the usual epiphytic orchids and I'm expanding my horizons. I was going to use Western Labs W2.5 media, but decided to optimize my efforts and order specialized (Bills?) media from Phytotechnology. For this particular Cyp., would T839, T842 or T849 be the better choice? Also, I thought I'd bracket a target time for Sodium Hypochlorite solution soak. Should I go with a 5% Clorox solution? Stronger? Weaker? Looking for a median time to target, how long would you suggest as target? Is there any advantage to acidifying it or is this only an advantage for sterilization techniques? What about adding potato chunks for this particular species? What pH ought I adjust the media? I currently use unsweetened pineapple juice to lower pH. Is there any detriment using pineapple with Cyps? All these questions.




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