Re: Cyp. x herae - habitat

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Abgeschickt von Chuck Sheviak am 12 April, 2004 um 14:16:06

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp. x herae von Tom Velardi am 11 April, 2004 um 07:09:47:

I have not seen the site, so I can't be certain about the habitat. However, I have seen the parental species in the general area, and also endless miles of similar habitat. Both parents, but especially C. parviflorum, commonly colonize shallow roadside ditches. In much of central North America, the land is quite flat. Roads are constructed by excavating shallow ditches on either side and using the excavated material as fill to raise the road surface above the surrounding land. This provides drainage for the road, and also a continuous moisture gradient for species from the surrounding area.

Wide-ranging species typically bloom at different times in different portions of their ranges. This is due to the progression of the seasons, and probably also to selection for different levels of response. Different species respond differently, so commonly species that bloom at different times in one portion of their range may bloom together in another area. This is particularly common in the North, where the growing season is short.


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