Re: Cyp. x herae (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Chuck Sheviak am 05 April, 2004 um 14:23:14

Antwort auf: Cyp. x herae or Cyp. 'Genesis' von Philip Kauth am 02 April, 2004 um 23:16:44:

Although I haven't seen Cyp. x herae  in the field, the info provided by Bud, who discovered it, clearly suggests that the plant is naturally occurring. It grew with the parents in a roadside ditch. Such association of natural hybrids with disturbed habitats is typical; this is discussed in the article (Orchids, April 2004). Furthermore, although across most of their common range the two parental species bloom some weeks apart, in the area of the hybrid they bloom together.

Cyp. x herae (photo by Agnes Ryckman)

Regarding the nomenclature, as far as I know, there can be two valid names. The botanical and horticultural systems are independent, which is why we were able to publish the natural hybrid as new. I would think (but I don't know) that wild-occurring plants would carry the botanical binomial, whereas artificially created ones should be designated with the grex. Be that as it may, I suspect that some commercial Cyp. producers will now tend to list the binomial, because it may garner greater interest.


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