Turface MVP

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Abgeschickt von Peter Zale am 02 April, 2004 um 18:27:30

Here in Ohio, the pumice that is so valuable in the cultivation of Cyps is virtually unobtainable, and Isolite (a product much like Seramis) can be very cost prohibitive to use in large amounts. After much experimentation I have found a product that will serve as a replacement without denting the savings account. Turface MVP is a product that is described as a "crumbled, porous ceramic product". It is very similar to calcined clay products, but resists the expedient decomposition and of those products. Their website states that Turface MVP will only decompose by 3.5% in twenty years, a very stable product indeed. Turface is most often used in and on Baseball and sporting fields to help absorb excess water and provide perfect drainage so there are no rain delays.

I have used Turface in many different media and have found that it has always had a positive effect on plant growth. Currently I am using a mix of 1 part Turface MVP, 1 part Perlite, and 1/2 part finely ground, composted pine bark for seedlings and mature plants in containers. The species and hybrids I am growing in this mix include candidum, kentuckiense, reginae, debile, macranthum, henryi, ventricosum, formosanum, 'Ingrid', 'Gisela', 'Ulla Silkens', 'Aki', and 'Philipp'. The results have been astounding. The plants are fertilized every 2 weeks during the growing season with fish hydrolysate.

Outside in the garden, I have constructed raised beds consisting of 2 parts calcareous, coarse sand, 1 part Turface MVP, and 1 part perlite. These are the first beds I built using any Turface and the results are second to none. A plant of reginae that I have grown for years never produced roots longer than 18-20inches (35-40cm) and after 1 season in the Turface produced roots measuring 3 feet (70-80cm) long! Also, many USA native Cyps and hybrids have done exceedingly well. These beds are mulched with pine needles.

One last note, a plant of segawai that I received last fall was rotting upon arrival. I put it in pure Turface MVP and as I write this it has sent up two tiny shoots from the back of the rhizome! I cant say enough good things about this product. Also there are two kinds of Turface, the Turface MVP and Turface. The MVP is preferable because it is coarser and lasts longer.


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