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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 01 April, 2004 um 17:31:25

Antwort auf: Re: More questions von Fulton Powell am 01 April, 2004 um 06:56:53:

Hi Fulton,

I purchased some candidums from Roberts as well as from Vermont Ladyslipper and found them, for me at least, extremely easy to grow! Here are my secrets for success:

1. Find a suitable sunny location. I actually just dug up small pockets in my front lawn to plant them in. I dug about 4 inches deep, put some stone for drainage and then put in my potting/Cyp mix, placed the plant on top, covered them up and mulched with tropical orchid potting.

2. They love lime! Your acid soil will kill them so plant them with lots of crushed lime stone and lime your soil.

3. Roberts sells Cyp. soil, I would buy it, otherwise just use potting soil with perlite added.

4. They like grassy weedy wet conditions. I let the grass grow long around them as well as let weeds and violets surround them. I do not let them get choked out however. I water them a lot, other Cyps would rot with the amount of water I give them. I also use the Miracle Gro granules to fertilize and keep them well limed.

Though I have only been growing them for 2 years and they are starting their 3rd season with me, most of the plants have already doubled!

By the way, candidum looks nothing like a Phrag in person and forget the wood ash on your Cyps. Stick to Cyp. mix or potting soil with perlite and sand.

I have some photos of my candidums and how they grow if you want to see them!




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