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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 31 Maerz, 2004 um 16:34:27

Antwort auf: Re: More questions von Fulton Powell am 31 Maerz, 2004 um 07:26:01:

I would avoid insecticides all together. Cyps are very delicate. I keep a close eye on mine and pick off bugs and inch worms and the like.

I also have never used fungicides. I have lost many Cyps to 'damping off' and have been experimenting now with hydrogen peroxide and cinnamon (no lie) as organic fungicides.

Also, I have had great luck with Miracle Gro as a fertilizer.

Robert's Flower Supply in Ohio sells the complete line of Frosch hybrids. I have provided the link below, he may have some available for Spring sale, too. You can call him.




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