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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 30 Maerz, 2004 um 17:28:56

Antwort auf: New to cypripediums von Fulton Powell am 30 Maerz, 2004 um 03:45:41:

Here's some more advice:

Crushed limestone placed under the roots of reginae is a good idea. (That's why the grow like weeds in Minnesota near highways because they pave with crushed limestone). I would mulch both sites with Paphiopedilum potting mix, the sharp bark also discourages the voles for crawling around. Plant some ferns too in your beds and trillium makes a wonderful companion plant. Keep them moist throught the year. Watch for rot, keep the pH about 6.5. After you plant them, place some plastic fencing flat on top of them to keep the squirrels out and stop them from eating the buds or digging them up. Fertlize with Miracle Gro granules.

Don't bother with acaule, it always dies regardless of pH.

Please try some of the Frosch hybrids next. They are easier to grow and as beautiful (or even more so) than our native Cyps!

I emphasize about the vole damage, they ate many of my Cyps this past fall, they seem to love the roots of Cyps.

Good luck!



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