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Abgeschickt von Fulton Powell am 30 Maerz, 2004 um 03:45:41

I have ordered my first 2 Cyp's - Cyp. reginae and Cyp. parviflorum. I have never grown Cyps before so no nothing other than what I have read up on. I prepared the 2 beds today for them by diging down about 16" and putting down a layer of small squared hardware wire (this is to keep voles from eating the roots because I have lost lots of plants because of them) then I built up around the edges with river rock. I back filled the hole with a mixture of hardwood forest soil (only digging down 2 - 3 inches) mixing this with coarse sand and vermiculite. I also added a little lime because the soil here is acidic. 

These beds will get about 2 hours of direct morning light and be shaded for the rest of the day. Does this sound right and is there any other advice because any help will be greatly appreciated. Also on a side note Cyp. acaule I have read likes a very acid soil, so would mixing citrus fruit peelings in the soil be good for lowering the pH? 

Thanks for any and all help.


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