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Abgeschickt von Carson E. Whitlow am 11 Mai, 2000 um 16:10:08

Antwort auf: Irapeanum and friends von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 12 Februar, 2000 um 03:02:31:

Sterling Dickinson used to send me what he called my "frustration packet" which was seed of Cyp. irapeanum. I have been successful in germinating it to some extent, with interesting results. i used a 1/4 strength Miroshige and Skoog minimal organics formula with charcoal and banana.

Unlike most Cyps, this one begins to germinate and need light to continue. if not given light it gets long and tendril like, eventually dying. Reflasking and placing them in light which is directly liked to the outdoor light, they would grow to about two inches with small 1/2 inch leaves, stop and a new little growth would come up. They would not form the new growth bud like we find in the other species and that we find in the mature plants of this species. When taken out of the media and placed in a soil of perlite/formiculite, they would adapt, then die back ansd send up a growth,which would then die back later with no new growth thereafter.

Some have suggested that day length may play a part in this, like it does in onion (I believe).

We have been trying to work with individuals in Mexico to incorporate genetic material from our native species into Cyp. irapeanum by sending fresh pollen to them. We have not been sccesful as yet in doing so. Anyone in Mexico interested in helping, please contact me.