Re: Propagation of Cyp. acaule

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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 29 Februar, 2004 um 10:37:47

Antwort auf: Re: Propagation of Cyp. acaule von Nina Jochnowitz am 29 Februar, 2004 um 00:15:36:

Hi Nina,

It's taken me over 10 years to learn so it could take quite a while to pass the information on. And I don't think it would help your problem. Its important to try and understand the ecological reasons behind the noted decline. If you just produce and plant out seedlings in an area where the conditions have beome unsuitable, they too will decline.

One of the biggest cause of decline, once mans activities have been discounted, is ecological sucessional change making the habitat unsuitable. Is the forest getting too dense? are there enough natural pollinators, enough dappled sunlight, enough habitat disturbance to create seedling germination niches, too much grazing, too much predation, collecting etc.

I think the best advice is to check canopy sucession is not too advanced then hand pollinate flowers to ensure there is plenty of good quality seed being released into the environment. Even sowing some of the seeds by scattering and burying 2" deep in the vicinity of established plants.

Hope this helps and doesn't sound too negative.



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