Re: more on C. regiane albolabium

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Abgeschickt von Carson E. Whitlow am 11 Mai, 2000 um 15:55:12

Antwort auf: Re: more on C. regiane albolabium von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 07 Mai, 2000 um 18:37:36:

I have had Cyp reginae for several decades in Iowa where the weather changes can be fairly great in a short time. The flowers of Cyp. reginae are very succeptable to heat, changing the color even on the same stem due to temp changes. One year, we had a fairly warm spring and the entire bed was nearly all whites. i have a slide of two flowers on the same plant where the temperature went from warm to cool during their late development - one has a ight pouch while the other is noticably darker.

I think this is common in the species, not just is a form.