Bringing in Potted Cyps Early

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 09 Februar, 2004 um 01:24:42

Antwort auf: When to 'wake up' potted Cyps. von Greg Warner am 08 Februar, 2004 um 16:39:49:

Hi, Greg

I always bring my potted cyps indoors early to give them a longer growing season and of course to amuse myself during this bleak period before spring. I keep my potted cyps in my unheated garage and bring them in to my family room where they remain until October.

Next Satureday I am bringing in my potted formosanum which is showing signs of breaking dormancy. By March 1, the remaining pots will be brought indoors which include mostly seedlings and a mature reginae.

Last year the formosanums were blooming by March 18th and the reginae bloomed April 27th, about six weeks ahead of outdoor schedule. Curiously, the plants do not go dormant earlier than the outdoor cyps.

I think giving them a longer growing season might benefit the plant but more importantly, it benefits me.

Good luck!



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