Re: Cyp. acaule in an artificial bog

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Abgeschickt von Gerhard Raschun jun. am 31 Januar, 2004 um 18:00:09

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp. acaule in an artificial bog von Lynn Harrington am 24 Januar, 2004 um 10:19:47:

I have built the bog with 6m³ of sphagnum peat, and it`s sure acid enough for a long time.

In 1998 I have obtained Cypr. acaule in a similar habitat (moos) in Maine, but only poor plants.

The plants I have got from a German gardener, with about 6cm in diameter. After 2 years the first bloom has appeared. I will report about the own seedlings in the same bog.........



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