Re: Do deer eat cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Neil Peterson am 30 Januar, 2004 um 04:22:48

Antwort auf: Do deer eat cyps? von Lynn Harrington am 25 Januar, 2004 um 06:51:47:

I've witnessed some benefits from deer on Cyp populations. Cyp. reginae appears to germinate best at about 2 inches deep, sometimes the trampling of deer aid in this. Here in northern Illinois, pubescens pods are occasionally eaten by deer. Gradually since I first started noticing these Cyps have been poping up along deer trails. Another point I'd like to make is in the winter when the deer become desperate and start grazing heavilly on small trees and brush, it helps create the open spaces our orchids crave. Even though it seems a waste to let our beautiful wildflowers be decimated by these animals, it isn't entirely bad.


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